TRIESTE. Excellent quality mark. What we do- we do the best!
Construction of a ceiling systems plant was completed by TRIESTE company in 2019. Total investment in the project was more than 10 million euro. The plant is located in Dmitrov town, Moscow region. Manufacture is based on advanced technologies and modern Italian equipment, allowing to produce environmental materials of extremely high quality.
Continuous investments in research and technology, advanced marketing and staff let TRIESTE be at the forefront of the market and offer comprehensive solutions for implementation of projects in various functional areas.

Choosing TRIESTE, you choose not only high quality but also a stable partner. Our clients are always sure of us due to reliable Italian equipments, innovative technologies and high qualified staff. We always strive to meet current challenges of the market.

TRIESTE company opened in Russia in 2019 is a technologically advanced production complex equipped with latest technologies.


Respect for our employees rights is extra important for the company. TRIESTE constantly invests in improving working conditions, maintaining high standards of safety and health of workplaces, as well as systematically conducts training courses and staff development.

Every employee is motivated to do his best for common cause and oriented to increase efficiency of work considering their individual capabilities.

So with this approach TRIESTE has amazing staff. They are always ready to help customers and clients with any issues of ceiling systems.

Customer managers are ready to take on projects together with clients from selection of the most product to execution of construction work.

The most important value of TRIESTE company is respect and protection interests on our employees.


Since the first days TRIESTE company supports brand development and product distribution using various channels and sales tools. There are competent work on building dealer system, participation on the main construction exhibitions. corporate site, multimedia communications and advertising.
The main goal of TRIESTE is to be reference to all companies working in area of ceiling systems. Architects, designers, distributors and construction professionals can find a reliable partner in TRIESTE.

The quality of technology, innovative product and efficient service meet the highest requirements of the modern construction market.

Due to an individual approach, we built mutually beneficial relationship with all our partners.