Reflective ceiling systems makes your stay indoors more comfortable and reduce energy consumption.
The illumination level vital for human functioning and plays a huge part in our mental and physiological state. Light effects areas of our brain, which acts as a stimulant. It helps us to be attentive and work better.

Too much light may cause eyestrain and make it hard to focus. Insufficient lighting leads to headaches, distraction and drowsiness

Reflective properties of TRIESTE ceiling plates allow you to create the most comfortable distribution of light in the room and reduce energy consumption.
Our panels have high light reflection and dispersion to create right general lighting.

The coefficient of light reflection is a percent of light flux reflected by the surface. TRIESTE ceiling panels reflect up to 80% of the light, effectively diffuse natural light and reduce flakes. All this helps to reduce using electricity.

Proper distribution of light from artificial lamps leads to a reduction in the use of electricity. Maximum use of natural light reduces the amount of lighting required, which leads to greater economy.
These advantages greatly contribute to the effective functioning of the space, as well as they positively impact on employee's working abilities.
Right light distribution indoors increases the comfort for eyes and saves energy.