Studies show more than half of employees working in open-space offices think that level of speech confidentiality is extremely low
This issue can be solved by clever planning of acoustic absorption in your rooms. To achieve the best sound absorption, sub-ceiling space should be used. Ceiling panels made of mineral fiber are the easiest and the most economy way to solve this problem.
The level of sound absorption increases, reverberation time and echo level reduces with using TRIESTE acoustic panels in small enclosed spaces, such as classrooms, offices or meeting rooms. It helps to increase distinctness of speech and to lower impacts of the organs of hearing.

The role of acoustic ceilings is very important in open spaces, such as "open-space" offices, halls and corridors, as walls can't fully perform this function. Our ceiling solutions allow to reduce sound propagation in spaces, which increases the level of confidentiality of speech and reduces stress of people.

The high level of sound absorption provided by TRIESTE ceiling panels safeguards your health