An integral part of corporate policy of Trieste company is making contribution to protection the environment and continuous work to improve quality management system.
Head office of Trieste believes that respect for the environment is an integral part of corporate management. For this reason, the company uses environmental management system according to ISO 14001 as the main tool of managing and controlling the environmental impacts caused by the enterprise. We believe that it will satisfy concerned parties, such as customers, employees and the population living in the area, where the manufacture is located.
The management of the company undertakes to act in compliance with nature protection laws and standards, which were given to the company and assumed voluntarily.

It means that our company makes every effort to reduce impacts of production on the environment by:
• reduction of water flow, electricity, gas and other natural resources;
• reduction of environmental noise pollution;
• control and reduction of gaseous air pollutants;
• increase of effectiveness of waste control process.
Accreditation of environmental management system


High quality of our products is ensured by certification in accordance with the quality management system. A plant of the Trieste company is certified according to ISO 9001 standards.
Working according to ISO 9001 standards, the company stands out in the market, as effective quality management allows:

· to manage customers needs as efficiently as possible;
· to use time and money more efficiently;
· to fix errors quickly;
· to propel motivation and personnel involvement to the next level;
· to provide the best quality goods and services.

Accreditation of quality management system