Stone wool ceiling panels can delay the spreading of fire.
Our fire-resistant stone wool ceiling panels delay the spread of fire and provide the extra time needed to save property and people's lives. In case of fire every extra second is important. Extra time can help to get to safe place and it may safe people's lives.

The safety of people depends on how buildings have been prepared to fires. Flame isn't the only dangerous thing in fire, but also there is toxic smoke, which kills even more people.
TRIESTE ceiling slabs of stone wool don't emit toxic smoke. Their material doesn't burn. It doesn't stimulate fire development even with it's direct action. Due to volcanic origin, stone wool withstand temperature up to 1177 degrees Celsius. All these properties of basalt fiber are necessary to ensure safety in case of fire.

We scrupulously test our products to make sure they meet the standards of fire safety requirements. Our ceiling panels have passed strict control and have a fire safety certificate class KM1 (G1V1D1T1). They also fully meet the requirements of building codes and provide additional fire resistance.

So we say with confidence that we do our best to ensure your safety.
Fire-resistant TRIESTE ceiling panels made of mineral fiber help to save the most important – people's lives.