The efficiency of the staff depends on the level of comfortable working environment.
The role of sound absorption is noise and sounds control, which arises directly indoors and sound isolation doesn't allow any noises from neighbors or outside.

Proper sound isolation enhance acoustic comfort and confidentiality of speech. Sound isolation of walls, windows and doors is an important part of the whole process. But when rooms are above each other or there is a roof right upstairs, which can add extra noise from outside, sound insulation of the ceiling is also important.
Suspended ceiling with an extra sun-ceiling space increases the level of sound insulation of the room. An additional advantage of suspended ceiling panels is sound insulation from the noise of utility systems located in sub-ceiling space. You should understand, that problem of sound insulation should be worked out only comprehensively.

Basalt acoustic panels TRIESTE have special properties, creating additional sound insulation of ceiling and so together with other sound insulation things, necessary results will be achieved.
Comfortable acoustic environment is an important part of living