The panels don't contain organic substances and are naturally resistant to development of mold, fungi and microorganisms
TRIESTE ceiling slabs meets the highest hygienic standards. They prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms and help to maintain the highest level of purity. The surfaces of building materials, including the ceiling plate, play an important role in the fight against the spread of bacteria and microorganisms in premises.

To create a secure environment:
- These materials may not provide nutritional medium for harmful microorganisms.
- Their surfaces should be easily cleaned and disinfected without affecting their appearance.

- Ceiling slabs should be durable and collapsible. They must withstand repeated installation and dismantling of panels. After all, such a need may arise when it is necessary to carry out repair work in rooms.

Our ceiling products made of mineral fiber don't contain organic substances, which excludes the development of pathogenic microorganisms, and meet all the above criteria. They are perfect for hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical organizations, medical clinics, food industry, educational institutions, restaurants and other facilities where a high rate of hygiene is important.
Effective way to limit the spread of bacteria and microorganisms in your premises.


TRIESTE ceiling plates are made for long-term use in your interiors. Our specialists work on minimizing time and cost of maintenance. All our mineral fiber products can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner using a soft nozzle.

As TRIESTE ceiling slab doesn't contain organic substances, it won't create an environment for the development of pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms. In most cases, additional treatment with disinfectants isn't required.

Where priority is given to infection control, our specially treated medical and hygienic finish of ceiling panels allow the surface to be cleaned with water and some diluted disinfectants such as chlorine, ammonia and Quaternary ammonium. If necessary, the surface of ceilings can be cleaned more intensive.

The use of TRIESTE ceiling slabs allows you to clean the ceiling with minimal effort and cost.