Stone wool is a hydrophobic material, which means it doesn't absorb water and retain moisture
Stone wool, from which TRIESTE ceiling panels are made, is a hydrophobic material, so it doesn't absorb or retain moisture. It won't deform even at 100% relative humidity and temperatures 0 to 40 degrees Celsius.
Humidity may weaken the structure of materials and so they will sag in some ceiling slabs. In some cases, ceiling panel may even fall out from the whole ceiling construction. It happens in spaces with high humidity, such as cooking areas, bathrooms or swimming pools.
Also it may happen in buildings under construction where there is no heating and high humidity because of temperature changes. Our panels won't deform or sag.

We have tested ceiling of other companies and compared them with TRIESTE ceiling panels. All samples were placed in water for the same time. Other ceiling panels have deformed and some of them even have broken, while TRIESTE ceiling panel have kept their shape and size after drying.
There is no any risk of sagging even in rooms with high humidity.