Efficient ceiling solutions for waiting rooms, rest rooms, lounges and other airport facilities.
There are a lot of people in airports. Large open spaces, high concentration of people, busy traffic impact on the level of ambient noise. Therefore, when designing these premises, it is necessary to solve the problem of reducing the level of reverberation and increasing sound absorption. TRIESTE ceiling panels will cope this task easily and economic, creating maximum comfort for passengers.
The use of suspended ceilings will aesthetically hide the engineering networks of the airport, such as electric cables and ventilation ducts. At the same time they will provide access to all communications.

Also, due to the fact that the airport buildings are subject to increased concentration of people, special attention should be paid to fire protection and safety of evacuation routes in case of fire. TRIESTE ceilings are made of fire-resistant materials, which increases the level of safety.
Creating conditions for comfortable pastime of passengers is one of the main tasks in the design of airport buildings.