Effective ceiling solutions for sports centers and swimming pools.
It is loud in such spaces. Such characteristics as low reverberation rate, lack of echo and high speech intelligibility are also important here. Choosing ceilings for sport facilities, acoustic characteristics should be studied, because ceilings with high sound absorption lowers noise. TRIESTE acoustic ceiling panels meet modern requirements in sound absorption and sound insulation.
Swimming pools requires ceiling with resistance to high humidity. TRIESTE mineral ceiling slabs made on the basis of stone wool, which does not absorb water. So our panels are water-resistant and won't deform even at 100% humidity. In addition, their surfaces are resistant to development of mold and fungi.

Also, it should be noted that TRIESTE ceiling panels are made of non-combustible materials and are able to delay the spread of fire, which increases safety for visitors of sport facilities.
Strength, stability and safety are key factors.