Effective ceiling solutions for office spaces
Office ceiling acoustic panels allow you to create a complete solution for modern workplaces.
Since most of earnings of a company depends on efficiency of employees and efficiency depends on comfortable working environment, system of office acoustic ceilings have a positive effect on the welfare of the company.

Selection of ceiling materials for the office is important for each person, on each floor and in each room - from the office in the open-space format to individual rooms, from corridors to conference rooms.
Office workers spend more than 60% of their time at work that requires concentration. Noise in the environment directly affects their concentration and comfort. And this. in turn, affects their accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Even small changes in acoustic perception may have a significant impact on the results of work.

Unfortunately, to save space workspaces are placed very close to each other without any additional sound barriers.
More than half of office workers complain about too much noise and distracting sounds.
So the optimization of ceiling acoustics in offices is becoming increasingly necessary in the modern world.

Studies show that efficiency of office employees depends on comfort of the working environment.